Macbook Battery Replacement

Need a new MacBook Pro Battery? MacBook Air not charging?

That Computer Chap can replace your old MacBook battery

While older Apple MacBooks and Powerbooks had easily removable batteries, recent models have specialised batteries that require opening the MacBook to replace. Replacing a MacBook battery should not be done at home (or in an unqualified shop) since the logic board is exposed and can be damaged or destroyed by careless actions or static electricity.

Also, most aftermarket batteries are not as high quality as your original MacBook battery and may have lower charge capacities, may not be tested properly, produce voltage spikes and could permanently damage your MacBook.

Apple Battery Replacement

MacBook battery replacement should only be performed by technicians trained in Apple battery repairs.

Our techs are trained and experienced in diagnosing and repairing MacBook charging problems, including:

  • Faulty MagSafe ports
  • Damaged power converters
  • MacBook Pro battery replacement
  • MacBook Air battery replacement
  • MacBook battery replacement
  • Powerbook battery replacement
  • and much more

What sets That Computer Chap apart?

Our experienced and highly trained technicians carefully troubleshoot and repair your device—normally while you wait. And we use only high quality parts—just like the manufacturer installed—ensuring a high quality repair that lasts the life of your device.

Our 90-Day Guarantee

All repairs performed by That Computer Chap are guaranteed for parts and labor for 90 days. If anything goes wrong, bring it back and we’ll make it right. See our Terms & Conditions for details.

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Why Choose That Computer Chap?

At That Computer Chap we provide professional, reliable and fast service at reasonable prices. And we stand behind our work for a full 90 days.