Raid Drive Data Recovery

Physical hard drive failures are a relatively common but serious problem for computer users. Major media manufacturers estimate that about 1 to 2 percent of hard drives fail each year, usually due to mechanical wear or poor operating conditions.

Causes of Raid Failure

While RAID configurations have higher redundancy and fault tolerance, in many cases, one disk failure can affect the entire configuration. Your array can experience data loss due to a variety of scenarios. Common types of RAID failures include:

Inadvertent data deletion
Formatted Partitions
Virus Infection
File System Corruption
Controller Failure
Incorrect RAID rebuilds
Single or Multiple Drive Failures
Power Surge

What NOT to Do

Never run software on a failed drive and never attempt to replace physically damaged components. As soon as you notice any failure symptoms, turn your hard disk drive off and contact a professional data recovery company.

Symtoms of Hard Drive failure

  • Clicking or Whirring Sounds
  • Failure to Mount or Recognize
  • Frequent File Corruption Errors
  • Frequent Crashes and Slow File Access Speeds
  • Missing Files or Folders
  • Bad Sector Error Messages
  • Incorrect HDD Information in BIOS

Call A Data Recovery Expert

When experiencing a RAID failure, immediately shut down the system and call a professional.